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Bud Ward, Editor

By Jan O'Brien on Apr 13, 2012

Bud is an environmental journalist and journalism educator in the Washington, D.C./Virginia area. He started his environmental journalism career in 1974 as Managing Editor of The Bureau of National Affairs' (BNA) Environment Reporter. In 1982, after serving...

California cap-and-trade moving forward

By Bruce Lieberman on Oct 9, 2017

The state of California in August became nearly a billion dollars richer. Its latest auction of permits for its cap-and-trade program, giving businesses the right to pollute, is the state's most successful ever. The record-breaking sale came on the...

What’s behind monarchs’ late migration?

By Bud Ward on Nov 16, 2017

25 monarchs counted in this image of 'Miss Bessie' aster plants in tidewater Virginia in early November. WHITE STONE, VA. - The first sign of an imminent gathering of large numbers of monarch butterflies came from the kitchen window, overlooking the...

Larsen C’s ‘Delaware-size’ iceberg has calved

By Peter Sinclair on Jul 12, 2017

The countdown – you could think of it as a death watch - had been going on for weeks, months and years in the case of glaciologists and avid climate change and Antarctica experts and geeks. It was complete with all but an on-screen CNN-type...

Information for Radio Stations

By Jan O'Brien on Jun 6, 2017

Climate Connections is a daily (M-F), 90-second radio program, currently broadcast on more than 680 radio stations and their affiliated frequencies across the United States. The program helps listeners understand how climate change is already impacting our...

Media coverage of climate change

By Michael Svoboda, Ph.D. on Mar 27, 2017

Media coverage of climate change has been a significant factor in shaping public perceptions and attitudes toward the issue. The first book-length studies of this coverage appeared more than a decade ago, at a time when climate change was just beginning to...