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Rhetoric as an Effective Political Tool: Journalists Need to Beware, Focus on Real Issues (Pt.2 of 2)

Pete Du Pont, chairman of the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis (see Note), rails in The Wall Street Journal against “the global-warming establishment” and “the Gore globalists.” Fred Singer in a column originally published in the Washington Times writes that “global warming has become an article of faith for many, with its own theology […]

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NPR’s Year-Long Climate Connection Series: Focus on Climate Change as it Affects Peoples’ Lives

Four years ago, staff editors and producers at National Public Radio began plans for an expansive series of reports showing how climate change has worked its way into every aspect of life around the globe, from the poorest coastal citizen to the largest industrial leader. Then Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and dominated environmental […]

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Top News Executives Turn to ‘Solutions’: Energy, Costs, Feasibility, and More (Pt.2 of 2)

Their minds full from an all-morning briefing on climate science from some of the nation’s leading experts, 18 top news executives from some of America’s leading news organizations reconvened after an outdoor lunch at Stanford University’s on-campus Dohrmann Grove, where they sat under the redwoods and an observant red-tailed hawk perched nearby.