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Posted inEnergy, Jobs & Economy

Mortgages for Energy Efficiency

A recent Wall Street Journal feature offers valuable insights for reporters looking for a climate change connection to their housing and mortgage beats. Lenders are “pitching mortgage products that offer homebuyers bigger loans or discounts if they are making energy-efficient improvements,” Sara Schaefer Muñoz reported. She reported on a Citigroup program offering $1,000 off closing […]

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Climate Change, Overfishing Sited in ‘Red Listing’ of Ocean Corals

Climate change is one of two principal factors (the other is overfishing) being sited in the first-ever listing of ocean corals in the annual report of wildlife going extinct from the IUCN (World Conservation Union). The group’s 2007 “Red List,” released in September, lists two corals ñ Floreana coral (Tubastraea floreana) and Wellington’s solitary coral […]

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Editor and Publisher Columnist Outing: Sack ‘Objectivity’ in Climate Change Reporting

A long-time columnist for Editor and Publisher, a standard in the newspaper industry for those it’s named after, has raised a fuss with a provocative column urging newspapers to “abandon their old way of doing things” – specifically “balance” – when it comes to reporting on global climate change. Given “overwhelming” scientific evidence that humans […]

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Giving objectivity a bad name

Two really smart critics have cited the journalistic tradition of objectivity as the reason mainstream media have missed or underplayed some big stories. Steve Outing, writing in Editor & Publisher, says objectivity has gotten in the way of informing the public about the real dangers of climate change. Giving the global warming deniers the same […]