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Climate Change Web Videos: Advocacy Edition

During the past five years, Web video has emerged as a battleground in climate communication. Journalists, comedians, artists, businesses, governments, climate contrarians and advocacy groups alike are competing to produce the medium’s slickest, funniest and most compelling messages. Take a look to see how some of those communicators are using Web video to influence public […]

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‘Chill It’ and Cool Off, Researcher Advises Climate Scientists Agog Amidst Controversies

A voice of reason emerges in the ongoing and escalating “war rhetoric” over the past several months’ leaked e-mails, IPCC Himalayan glaciers blunder, screaming headlines, blustery blogs, and enflamed cable TV rhetoric. It’s the voice of communications academician Matthew Nisbet of American University, a veteran of climate change communication studies, urging responsible climate scientists, in […]

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JPL Unveils New Climate Website

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena recently unveiled Climate Kids, a website that targets students in fourth grade through sixth grade. The colorful site addresses basic topics about global climate change using simple illustrations, humor, interactive exercises, and language appropriate for the age group it targets.

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A Down-Under Journalistic ‘Wipeout’ In Covering Risks to the Great Barrier Reef

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA — Growing tensions between scientists and major news outlets in Australia center around scientists’ concerns over coverage of the potential effects of climate change on coral reefs. Many of the environmental scientists point to what they see as biased and misleading reporting, leaving them frustrated and wondering how they can best engage in […]

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HFCs: Case Study in Interconnections Of Ozone Depletion and Climate Change

Climate change associated with atmospheric warming and depletion of the earth’s protective ozone layer are two separate but interrelated problems, intersecting in complex ways that challenge easy comprehension and also efforts to address them. Recent developments related to chemicals commonly known as HFCs illustrate the situation. Industrial emissions of carbon dioxide, the chief greenhouse gas […]

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IJNR’s Energy Country Institute: Supporting ‘Values of Good Journalism’

Shiprock, sans the brown haze that often envelopes it. Shiprock rises like a massive cathedral 1,800 feet above Navaho country in New Mexico. The best photographs capture the rock formation in reddish hues, set against a pristine blue sky. But the first time I saw Shiprock, which figures prominently in Navaho religion and mythology, it […]