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Posted inPolicy & Politics

A Public Transit Revolution is Afoot:
Ridership Numbers Rising

Candidate Barack Obama’s campaign has bragged that running mate Senator Joe Biden is a down-to-earth family man who commutes by Amtrak train from Wilmington to Washington. The Democratic Delaware Senator has been commuting by Amtrak for decades. He has long preferred train travel over driving 109 miles to work, unwittingly also choosing what is universally […]

Posted inPolicy & Politics

Who, Where, What of This Century’s Environmental Reporters Studied

Scholarly research done by three veteran science journalism professors sheds useful light on the who-what-where-how of environmental reporters in the 21st Century. The academics based their conclusions on interviews done earlier this decade with 652 newspaper and TV reporters saying they regularly cover environmental issues. Internet, web, and journalism students were not included among those […]