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ABC News Soliciting 1- to 3-Minute Videos For September ‘Earth 2100’ Prime-Time Special

ABC News is planning a two-hour special this coming September depicting how top scientists, economists, and historians see the world in the year 2100. “Experts say that unless we act now, the ‘perfect storm’ of population growth, resource depletion, and climate change could destabilize the world with catastrophic results,” says ABC News’ Earth 2100 website […]

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U-Dub Plans ‘World’s Largest’ Environmental College; Bainbridge Institute Certification Program Targets Writing

Two new higher-education initiatives in the Pacific Northwest promise expanded opportunities for those interested in communications and natural resources and environmental issues. The University of Washington, Seattle, says it is planning to launch “the largest environmental college in the world” in the fall of 2009. Plans call for its new College of the Environment to […]