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‘Green Muslims,’ Eco-Islam and Evolving Climate Change Consciousness

The Iranian-born intellectual Seyyed Hossein Nasr, whose seminal writings helped build the foundation for contemporary thinking about Islam and the environment, was once a lonely voice preaching the virtues of conservation to all who cared to listen. “I often spoke about it on television and radio,” he recalls, “but it was a very unpopular subject. […]

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A Climate ‘Skeptic’ Objects to Ideology, Politics as Motives

A scientist/professor’s assertion that politics, rather than science, motivates most skeptics leads to an e-mail exchange … and then to the seemingly inevitable ad hominem criticism. What appeared to get the goat of the U.K.-based* retired-banker-turned-climate-“skeptic” is the American scientist’s statement that most of those people dismissing climate change do so “for ideological or political […]