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Penn State Geologist Richard Alley Hosts First of Three PBS Documentaries

Respected Penn State geologist Richard Alley becomes a PBS documentary host in the first of a three-part series airing in April with funding from the National Science Foundation. But can the “Operator’s Manual” companion book really “convince even the most obstinate climate-change denier” as one reviewer anticipates?

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Making the Complicated Clear: Interactive Graphics Make Data Visual

It’s never been easy to report on climate change or many other environmental topics, for that matter. The issues are not only complicated, they’re often invisible. But journalists have to make them understandable to a general audience. When words and pictures just aren’t enough, consider what graphics can do to make complexity clear especially online. […]

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Academy Draws Scientists, Artists to Hollywood for ‘Summit’ on Science Education

LOS ANGELES, CA — “After a winter like this, how can you believe in global warming?” … “Climate change? Earth’s climate has always changed. Temperatures go up, temperatures go down.” … “Doesn’t the sun have something to do with it getting hotter?” You’ve heard it all before. The disconnect between climate science and what many […]