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Transportation Infrastructure Issues Targeted in New NRC Climate Report

A new report from the National Research Council (NRC) warns that the nation’s transportation system – roads, ports, railroads, and airports – all stand to suffer substantial damage or destruction as a result of climate change. Increased rain, more intense storms, ground thawing in Alaska, and rising sea level all are expected to take their […]

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Sea Level Rise

Among the most iconic image of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” was that of coastlines and cities disappearing beneath rising seas. Sea level rise is certainly one of the more worrisome impacts of climate change, but the film’s disregard of the time scales involved in sea level rise may have led some to think that […]

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Resources Abound for News Media Exploring City Hall/Climate Change Issues

Newspaper journalists are seeing some environmental coverage migrate from the specialized environmental beat to other coverage areas, such as business and religion. Municipal government – historically a key beat at most dailies – is becoming particularly fertile territory for reporting on climate change. Mayors in hundreds of cities across the U.S. are launching policy initiatives […]