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Global Warming and 2008 Extreme Weather? Newsweek’s Begley Answers ‘TRUE’ on a Link

There was really no mistaking the July 7/14, 2008, Newsweek as intending to be something special: Forget that the label promoted it as a “Summer Double Issue.” That’s not the point. The “Lincoln vs. Darwin” cover illustration, with the “Who Matters More?” come-on was one part of the hint, but bigger still was the (mostly) […]

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EPA I.G. Report Finds Scant Hope For Volunteer GHG Control Efforts

A July report from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Inspector General finds “limited potential” in voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction programs. The report most likely puts just one more nail in the coffin of volunteer GHG efforts that have been a mainstay of the Bush administration EPA but which are pretty much guaranteed to […]

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Physics Society Restates Position After Blog-Driven ‘Kerfuffle’ Erupts

A recent “kerfuffle,” as a headline writer for termed it, once again underscored the influence of the blogosphere’s echo chamber – and just how quickly it can spread bad information. The American Physical Society, APS, last month saw fit to “reaffirm” its official position on climate change after a flurry of online reports and […]

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Parsing Opinion Polls … and Politics … In Covering Offshore Drilling Campaign Issue

Opinion polls are fueling politicians and candidates to push for more U.S. offshore oil drilling, with the media looking on intently. Since the issue became a political focal point in May and June, polling has been relentless: Zogby. Rasmussen. Field. Gallup. Quinnipiac. CNN. Bloomberg. The list goes on. All point to an increasing public desire […]