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How Nebraska farmer Russ Finch grows citrus year-round using geothermal energy

In Alliance, Nebraska, winters are cold and windy. But for decades, retired farmer Russ Finch has been growing tropical fruit year-round, without an energy-intensive heating system. “We have 13 varieties of citrus: lemons … limes, tangelos, tangerines, you name it,” he says. Finch heats his greenhouse with a geothermal system that takes advantage of the […]

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How to prepare your coastal property for sea-level rise and weather extremes

People who live along the Atlantic seaboard are accustomed to dealing with environmental extremes: salt spray that can kill just about anything green; relentless wind that whips vegetation into Leaning Tower of Pisa shapes; sand, shells, rocks and dead fish that come and go. But rising sea levels and increasingly extreme weather, both driven in […]

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Earth is getting a digital twin

Earth will soon have its own digital twin. Computer scientists and climate scientists have teamed up to create a virtual replica of the planet. “And it is based on a computer system that simulates what’s going on out there in the Earth system as closely as possible,” says Peter Bauer of the European Centre for […]

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Wildfires can contaminate outdoor marijuana crops

As more states pass laws permitting marijuana use, the legal barriers to growing cannabis are crumbling. But wildfires pose risks to many outdoor growers in California and the Pacific Northwest. Jonathan Vaught is CEO of Front Range Biosciences, a Colorado-based biotech company that breeds hemp and provides nursery expertise to cannabis growers. He says wildfire […]