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If you own a home, you’ve probably poured a lifetime of savings into it.

That asset could be in more danger than you think.

Climate change is supercharging the water cycle, increasing the risk of major floods and making many properties more vulnerable than they were in the past. And if you’re like most U.S. residents, you don’t have flood insurance. Homeowner’s insurance policies often don’t cover flood damage, so if one does occur on your property, fixing it could prove costly.

Watch this video to learn what experts are saying about the rising risks of floods and how you can protect yourself.

A cartoon showing a giant wave about to hit a home. A person standing on the front deck, right under the wave, is on the phone. The caption says, "Hello, I'd like to buy flood insurance."
Cartoon by Tom Toro.

P.S. If you live in the U.S., you can look up the estimated flood risk at any residential property for free at And if that’s not enough information, don’t miss meteorologist Jeff Master’s guide to 30 tools you can use to evaluate your flood risk.