In Brooklyn, Nate Murray and Cody Pfister, the Local Motives team, met with the Red Hook Community Farm, where volunteers run the largest compost operation to run on renewable energy in the U.S. The project doesn’t use machines to process waste, only sun, wind and human power. After food waste is converted to compost, it’s shared with local urban farmers.

Learn more in this video:

YouTube video
Banana peels and blueberries in a compost pile.
A DIY compost bin built by Local Motives producer Nate Murray in his backyard. A great example of how composting can be achieved on the smallest of scales with the simplest designs. (Photo: Courtesy of Cody Pfister)

Every few weeks, Yale Climate Connections will share a new video from Local Motives. This “On the Road” video web series showcases local perspectives on the challenges and solutions associated with climate change. It is the production of two friends, Nate Murray and Cody Pfister, traveling across the 50 states seeking to establish an authentic conversation about the impacts of climate change.

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