People who use an online dating app might look for a match who has a nice smile, enjoys walks on the beach, or likes dogs.

But now many are also looking for matches who care about the climate. Jane Reynolds works for the dating app OKCupid.

She says that when making a profile, OKCupid users can answer questions about their interests and views.

“Climate change was coming up more and more in our user profiles, and users saying it was really important to them,” Reynolds says. “In fact, nine in 10 OKCupid users said it was important to them that their match cared about the environment.”

So for Earth Month in April, OKCupid offered a climate change advocate badge that users could add to their profiles. This made it easy for people to recognize that a potential match is climate conscious.

The app also created what it calls a ‘climate change stack’ – a feature that lists all potential matches who added the badge.

Reynolds says the stack and badge helped spark real connections. She’s heard from users who began talking because of their shared concern for the climate, and then spent their first date volunteering to help the environment.

“So we love to hear those stories and we feel really confident that it helped people match on the things that are important to them,” she says.

Reporting credit: Stephanie Manuzak/ChavoBart Digital Media