In coastal Georgia, Local Motives duo Nate Murray and Cody Pfister met a local clam farmer who’s committed to sustainability. Charlie Phillips started running a shrimp boat when he was a teenager. Now he owns Sapelo Sea Farms. Throughout his career, Phillips has seen sea levels rising and marine species shifting their habitats north. Find out what it all means for seafood in coastal Georgia in this original Local Motives brief video.

YouTube video

Clams being harvested.
Freshly harvested clams being processes at the dock of Sapelo Sea Farms, the oldest clam farm in Georgia. (Photo: Courtesy of Cody Pfister)

Every few weeks, Yale Climate Connections shares a new video from Local Motives. This “On the Road” video web series showcases local perspectives on the challenges and solutions associated with climate change. It is the production of two friends, Nate Murray and Cody Pfister, traveling across the 50 states seeking to establish an authentic conversation about the impacts of climate change.

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