Philadelphia resident Ben Block has been concerned about climate change for many years.

He’s worked for environmental groups pursuing big-picture solutions. But when he became a dad, he had a more personal reason to tackle this global crisis.

“This big daunting global problem … it became a very personal problem where I saw that the impacts of inaction would be resting on the shoulders of my son and his generation,” he says.

Block wanted to connect with other fathers who felt the same way. So he and his friend Jason Sandman started Climate Dads.

It’s a Philadelphia-based group for men who are concerned about how climate change will affect their kids and want to take action locally.

They’ve organized meet-ups and family friendly field trips where like-minded dads can connect. 

The group has advocated for the Philadelphia school district to try electric school buses. And it’s participated in an outreach campaign to raise awareness about sea-level rise.

Sandman says that to him, being a “climate dad” means leading by example.

“It starts with you and then it trickles down to your kids. And maybe it extends to your block, and then maybe to your community, and before you know it, you’ve had a real positive legacy,” Sandman says. “That’s kind of the ethos, I think, of Climate Dads. That’s where it starts.”

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media