To go solar, you do not need to have a sunny rooftop.

In community solar programs, electricity is generated at a solar farm. Anyone, including renters, can subscribe and receive the benefits, without having to install panels on their home.

“I really like community solar because you don’t have to be a homeowner … and you can move and still maintain your subscription to the farm,” says Theodora Okiro of solar developer Nexamp.

She says community solar makes clean energy more accessible to low-income people and it can save them money on their bills. But credit checks can be a barrier.

“To participate in a lot of these community solar programs you have to have a credit score,” Okiro says. “So that is automatically eliminating and excluding a large subset of the population.”

So Nexamp is offering community solar subscriptions without credit checks.

Okiro says the money people save sometimes means they no longer have to choose between paying the rent or their utility bills.

So she says offering community solar subscriptions without credit checks is an important way to help more low-income households share in the benefits of solar.

“At the end of the day, we want the clean energy transition to benefit everyone,” she says.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media