On the first leg of their climate documentary road-trip, Local Motives duo Nate Murray and Cody Pfister traveled to the mountains of Virginia to meet a man who has been collecting weather data for over 50 years. Julian Kesterson, who has lived in a valley in the Blue Ridge Mountains since he was a child, began collecting weather data as a hobby, and now the data he collects is used by the National Weather Service. Find out what he has learned, and what it says about the future of Virginia’s climate in this Local Motives short film.

YouTube video

Every few weeks, Yale Climate Connections will share a new video from Local Motives. Local Motives is a video web series that showcases local perspectives on the challenges and solutions associated with climate change. It is the production of two friends, Nate Murray and Cody Pfister, traveling across the 50 states seeking to establish an authentic conversation about the impacts of climate change.

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