Sixty-six percent of Americans are worried about global warming. Among moms, that number is even higher.

“We know that climate change is a threat to all people, and in particular our kids,” says Melissa Burt.

Burt has a young daughter and she’s a climate scientist at Colorado State University. She says that although many moms are worried about global warming, many do not feel equipped to take action.

“They don’t have the resources to understand the climate issue completely and aren’t sure what they can actually do to tackle it,” she says.

So Burt and a group of other women scientists teamed up to create a campaign called Science Moms.

“Moms tend to trust other moms, and we as scientists want to be that credible neutral messenger … to educate moms, to inspire moms, and really empower them to use their voices,” she says.

On its website, the Science Moms group provides short videos, debunks climate myths and offers ways to get involved. For example, it includes a sample letter to send to a member of Congress. 

Burt says the website is designed for moms.

“But we want all parents to have a better understanding of what climate change is all about,” she says, “and then get all people to really want to take action in that way.”

Reporting credit: Stephanie Manuzak/ChavoBart Digital Media.