In summer, when the afternoon sun starts beaming through office windows, many companies turn up the air conditioning and draw the shades. But at the headquarters of Corgan – a Dallas-based architecture firm – the windows themselves can help block out the sun, without blocking the view.

“The best thing about dynamic glass is that it gives you the ability to reduce the heat load without reducing visibility,” says James Adams, an architect at Corgan.

He says dynamic glass windows have a special micro-thin coating that tints on-demand to reduce glare and heat.

Research shows that natural light and outdoor views improve employee well-being. So by preventing the need for shades or blinds, he says the windows help maintain the positivity and the wellness of the users in the building.

“They can still see outside and see a beautiful day and they can get their work done,” he says.

Dynamic glass windows are more expensive than ordinary windows, but the cost is expected to fall as sales increase. And Adams says that over time, the windows can help building owners save money.

“Reducing that amount of light coming in is reducing the heat load,” he says. “And if you reduce the heat load, you don’t need as much air conditioning. So right off the bat, there can be a real savings on utility bills.”

And using less energy is better for the climate, too.

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media.