Voting line
(Photo credit: James Willamor / Wikimedia)

In Nevada, about 20% of voters are Latino, and a growing number are deeply concerned about climate change.

A recent poll found that almost half the state’s Latino voters say they were personally affected by climate change in the last year.

“We look at it as not only climate change or the environment. We are also looking at it as a health aspect,” says Rudy Zamora of Chispa Nevada, a program of the League of Conservation Voters.

He says many Latinos know firsthand how rising temperatures can worsen other problems – for example, air pollution.

“How does climate change impact our communities’ health? How does that impact the way that our children are breathing?” Zamora says.

For him, the concern about air quality is personal. About two years ago, his young son suffered a frightening asthma attack. It was so bad that his son went into respiratory failure and cardiac arrest.

And he says his son is not the only one to have such severe problems. Many people in the community struggle with asthma.

So with the November elections approaching, Chispa Nevada encourages Latinos to compare candidates’ positions on the environment and then vote.

“Climate is going to be one of the top priorities on why we go out and vote,” Zamora says.

Reporting credit: Stephanie Manuzak/ChavoBart Digital Media.

Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, Molly Matthews Multedo is the founding director of Acquazul, a nonprofit that creates multilingual broadcast and digital media on social and environmental issues...