Climate March activists
Unitarian Universalists and people of other faiths participated in the Sept. 21, 2014, People’s Climate March in New York City. (Photo credit: Peter Bowden / Flickr)

Through her faith, Maryland resident Doris Marlin has found her way to a life of climate activism.

Marlin is a Unitarian Universalist. She says Unitarian principles affirm the worth of every person and the need for global justice and equality.

“We see the moral implications and the injustice that is happening as the result of climate change,” she says. “It’s very obvious in the global south that those who have done the least to contribute are the most vulnerable and will suffer the most and the soonest from climate change …. So at a very deep level, faith and climate connect as a moral issue.”

Marlin says tackling these injustices requires reducing carbon pollution in communities everywhere.

So she is a lay leader with a nationwide Unitarian initiative called Strengthen Local Climate Commitments.

It helps people advocate for clean, renewable energy in their communities and hold their local representatives accountable for meeting climate goals.

“It brings together people at the local level to work with their colleagues, with their neighbors, on climate solutions,” Marlin says.

Their goal is to create a more just world.

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media.