EV charging
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Along a busy intersection in Takoma Park, Maryland, cars pull into the parking lot of RS Automotive to refuel. But there’s not a gas pump in sight.

“We just replaced them with electric charging stations,” says Matt Wade, CEO of the Electric Vehicle Institute, a Baltimore-based EV equipment supplier.

In 2018, the company received a nearly $800,000 grant from the state of Maryland to expand new electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The institute partnered with Takoma Park gas station owner Depeswar Doley. They used some of the funds to convert Doley’s station into an EV charging center.

Doley also runs an auto-repair service on the lot and has learned how to work on EVs and hybrids. So Wade says the conversion to electric was a natural fit. He added that Doley is actually making more money now than he was before because the profit margins on selling gas are often slim.

“I think it’s critical that people see this as a working reality,” Wade says. “It works. It’s not just a showpiece. It’s not just a novelty.”

He expects it to be the first of many gas stations to add EV chargers either alongside their old gas pumps or in their place.

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Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media.

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