Our Kids Climate event
(Image credit: Our Kids’ Climate video)

Last Friday, students went on strike again to demand climate action by world leaders.

Jill Kubit is co-lead of Our Kids’ Climate, a network of parents who advocate for climate action. She says as the youth movement grows, parents also have a role to play.

“A lot of the things that the young people are talking about in terms of protecting their dreams and their hopes for the future, parents are also responsible for that,” she says.

Kubit says that parents who are concerned about climate change can attend a strike or another event with their kids. She says an adult’s presence can help keep strikers safe, and it’s an act of solidarity.

She suggests bringing a sign that will resonate with other parents, for example a sign that says “I’m a concerned mom,” or “We’re fighting for their future,” or “This is our shared future.”

She says parents who cannot be there because of work might instead talk to friends and colleagues about the need for climate action.

They can also encourage their children’s school to support the strikers and make global warming part of the curriculum, because kids may have created a powerful climate movement, but adults still have a tremendous amount of influence.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.