Florian Reber
(Photo: Courtesy of Florian Reber)

In 2018, Florian Reber traded his desk chair for a bicycle seat.

The Swiss sustainability consultant says he used to spend a lot of time talking about how global warming will affect the world in several decades. He says that’s important for policymakers and corporations.

“But people don’t identify and relate to that,” he says. “So I wanted to focus on what’s happening here and now.”

This past summer, Reber biked all the way from British Columbia to New Mexico. He wanted to hear from local people how climate change is already affecting them and make a documentary about the experience.

He filmed interviews with the people he met, including scientists studying changing ecosystems in national parks and a firefighter battling increasingly intense wildfires.

He also spoke to an indigenous leader in the coastal rainforests of British Columbia.

“All of a sudden they get winter droughts, which is unheard of,” he says. “I had no idea. I didn’t know about that. And so I was cycling and at the same time had this great opportunity to learn from those people.”

By sharing their stories, he hopes to raise awareness about how climate change is already affecting people’s lives.

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Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media.

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