Motorcycle tailpipe exhaust

Tyler Hawkins loves riding motorcycles.

“The best part about riding motorcycles is that it’s basically like a roller coaster all the time,” he says. “Once you get started, it’s kind of addictive and it’s hard to stop.”

But Hawkins did not love the carbon pollution his old bike produced. So when he could afford to upgrade in 2018, he wanted to make a choice he could feel good about.

He says he was trying to reduce his CO2 emissions and more generally be better for the environment, so he bought an electric motorcycle.

Producing the power needed to charge an electric motorcycle can create some carbon pollution. But in areas that are using more clean, renewable energy, going electric is much better for the climate. Hawkins’ bike also emits no tailpipe emissions.

He says it’s a better ride, too.

“There is no heat coming off the engine, so you’re not uncomfortable sitting at stoplights,” he says. “There’s no clutch, so there’s no gears to shift or anything like that; it’s just, pull the throttle, and off you go.”

So Hawkins is happy with his investment.

“I would unquestionably say that if you’re a motorcyclist you should at least try out an electric motorcycle,” he says. “After that first 30 seconds on it, I knew it was a good decision.”

Reporting credit: Stephanie Manuzak/ChavoBart Digital Media.

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