(Photo credit: Matt Boulton / Wikipedia)

To understand the influence of sports, look no further than fans’ passion during last month’s World Series.

Sports teams have a massive platform, and Allen Hershkowitz believes they can use it to encourage a cultural shift on climate change.

“Every day, in every city with a newspaper, there’s a sports section,” he says. “There’s not a science section every day, but there is a sports section.”

Hershkowitz is the environmental science adviser for the New York Yankees. He’s long advised the team – and others – on sustainability, but his hiring early this year signaled the Yankees’ desire to lead on the issue.

“I am the only environmental science advisor in professional sports. I cannot tell you how influential it is,” Hershkowitz says.

In April, under his guidance, the Yankees signed the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, a pledge to raise awareness and achieve climate goals.

Other teams and leagues soon followed.

“The NBA, they signed the climate pledge,” Hershkowitz says. “The U.S. Tennis Association signed the pledge once the Yankees did. Wimbledon. Tennis Australia. Minnesota Wild. I mean, I could go on and on.”

Hershkowitz hopes that as more teams get involved, so too do their fans, and that could be a win for the climate.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.