Robert Llewellyn
(Image credit: ‘Fully Charged’ video)

For years, Robert Llewellyn hosted a British TV show called “Scrapheap Challenge.” Contestants created monster trucks, flying machines, tanks, and other vehicles out of materials found in a junkyard.

These days, Llewellyn is targeting a new type of gearhead. His YouTube show “Fully Charged” is about electric vehicles and the future of clean tech and transportation.

He started it in 2010 because he was frustrated by how he saw EVs portrayed in the media.

“They said electric cars will never work,” Llewellyn says, “and the cars will just wear out and be useless.”

But Llewellyn says over the past decade, these critics have been proven wrong. And as people’s attitudes about EVs have evolved, he’s been able to do more than test-drive and review EVs on the show. Now he also covers more advanced topics.

“All the sort of associated technologies that go along with it: the charging network, the way we store energy using batteries. The way batteries have developed in the last 10 years is really remarkable,” he says.

The YouTube channel now has more than half a million subscribers, with thousands of new subscribers each week. He says its popularity shows that people are excited to learn about EVs and get behind the wheel.

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media.

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