More than 250 large and small, general-circulation and specialized, in-print and on-air and online media outlets are committing to boosting coverage of climate change over the eight days leading up to the September 23 United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York City.

Organized by The Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom, Columbia Journalism Review, and The Nation magazine, the unprecedented media effort is described by key organizers as representing the journalistic commitment to providing in-depth information to citizens to improve public understanding and engagement and democratic (small d) decision-making. In late August, sponsors said the initiative “ranks as one of the most ambitious efforts ever to organize the world’s media around a single coverage topic.”

Project sponsors say they are committed to respecting participants’ independent media editorial responsibilities while encouraging story-sharing and re-postings. Program participants from countries worldwide include U.S. media giants such as CBS News, some major metropolitan daily newspapers, and a number of major market public radio stations. But other major broadcast and cable stations had not indicated in advance that they will participate in the effort, nor have major national newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, or Wall Street Journal.

As a program participant, Yale Climate Connections plans to air and make available its daily weekday radio program, “Climate Connections,” now carried by more than 500 stations and frequencies across North America. Also during that period of September 15 through September 23, the site will regularly post news and climate change features and will explore opportunities to re-post other participants’ reports as warranted. Stories produced as part of the Covering Climate Now project have been encouraged by program sponsors  to include mention of that affiliation in their reports.