Meteorologist Jeff Berardelli today updates his June 25, 2019, Yale Climate Connections “Climate Explained” feature addressing climate change and extreme temperature highs, based on important related developments in July and August.

The updated version of that feature reports on two recent intense heat waves in Europe and on new research involving dramatic increases in dangerous heat index days in parts of the U.S.; that study projects increases in the annual number of those days still to come, for instance in Wisconsin, by 2050.

Berardelli’s report also discusses research in Switzerland projecting that Minneapolis’s warmest month will increase from 80 to 90 degrees F. And it reports on research in the United Kingdom cautioning that by 2100, humans could find parts of the Persian Gulf and South “unbearable.”

Berardelli’s articles are part of a new and ongoing Climate Explained series of “explainer” articles providing essential background on key climate-change related issues.