Factory home
(Credit: Solar Home Factory / Facebook)

Real estate ads often show large houses with huge lawns, but many buyers want something smaller and more affordable.

Wallace: “First time home buyers and retiring or downsizing baby boomers … that is a very sizable population that is looking for smaller spaces, less maintenance, and sustainable spaces.”

Ryan Wallace is CEO of the Solar Home Factory, which makes small, energy-efficient modular homes with built-in solar panels.

The company’s first project is a development in Geneva, New York. It will include twenty homes on one acre. The largest will be less than eleven hundred square feet.

Wallace says living in a small house does not require a spartan existence. The community in Geneva is designed to include shared spaces such as a gym, green house, and public areas.

Wallace: “If we can take our core shelter and make that smaller, and then take our extravagancies, our luxuries, and make those shared resources, we can actually continue to live not just the lives we’re living, but actually better lives.”

So he says home buyers could have more amenities while spending less and using less energy.

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media.

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