Craig Mathews is an avid hunter and fisherman. Forty years ago, he moved to West Yellowstone, Montana, and fell in love with the wilderness there.

Mathews: “I’ve seen grizzly bears, big horn sheep, mule deer, white tailed deer, wolverines. And I’ve got a world class trout stream that runs through 4 miles of our place. We’ve got it all right here.”

But global warming is causing changes in Yellowstone country. For example …

Mathews: “We see the snowpack leaving earlier and earlier each season, which is a hindrance to keeping the rivers cool and vibrant with a native trout population.”

Climate change is also causing more intense wildfires and bark beetle infestations. That can devastate the forest habitats of elk, bears, and other big game.

Mathews says everyone who loves the outdoors should help reduce global warming. He co-founded an organization called One Percent for the Planet. It urges businesses and individuals to donate one percent of their sales or income to environmental causes.

Mathews: “We can’t wait for our government to act. We’ve got to act personally, so that we can hopefully look forward to our kids and grandkids being able to have the same experiences we’ve been lucky enough to have.”

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media.