Stone markers
Stone markers including Inukshuk forms, at Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska.

Our best understandings of climate change are as much about culture as about science.

But it’s challenging to bring these two perspectives together. The three sources described here – an article, a podcast, and a book – do so effectively, each looking at some of what global warming is bringing to Arctic Alaska. They recognize the valuable contributions to our understanding made by scientists, by preserved and recovered cultural artifacts and traditions, and by the experience and expertise of indigenous people.

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This series is curated and written by retired Colorado State University English professor and close climate change watcher SueEllen Campbell of Colorado. To flag works you think warrant attention, send an e-mail to her any time. Let us hear from you.

SueEllen Campbell

SueEllen Campbell

SueEllen Campbell created and for over a decade curated the website "100 Views of Climate Change," a multidisciplinary collection of pieces accessible to interested non-specialists. She is especially interested...