More than a third of white evangelicals in the U.S. are doubtful about climate change. But one of the world’s largest Christian organizations is helping rally the community around climate action.

Elisara: “I think we all agree that we’re to care for creation.”

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That’s Chris Elisara of the World Evangelical Alliance. He says with scripture as a starting point, the group’s Creation Care Task Force engages other evangelicals by discussing how droughts and extreme weather affect water quality, agriculture, and people’s health.

Elisara: “And when you get to that level, then the climate change question goes away because we’ve got to eat, we’ve got to drink clean water, we’ve got to breathe clean air. And that’s something that we can all come around.”

To set an example, the Alliance has committed to help a number of member churches, affiliated schools, and hospitals switch to clean, renewable energy within the next four years. The group also encourages Evangelicals to take action at home – for example, by driving less and saving electricity.

Elisara: “The way that we see the world and us in it: it’s all a gift. The world is a material expression of God’s love, and God asks us to care for it. And that’s what we’re doing.”

Reporting credit: Daisy Simmons/ChavoBart Digital Media.