When your plane lands and you’re late for a connecting flight, waiting to taxi to the gate is frustrating. And it’s not just a problem for travelers. When a plane waits on the tarmac, it’s wasting fuel.

But at the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, planes have a route to taxi around – instead of across – busy runways, so they can go directly to the gate.

Sattler: “… so there’s a huge fuel savings, it’s a delay reduction, and there’s a climate benefit to that.”

It’s just one of many changes at the airport that make sustainability planner Polly Sattler proud.

By donating surplus food to a local group, the airport keeps waste out of the landfill, which reduces methane pollution. And energy efficient LEDs now light the runways and parking decks. These long-lasting bulbs do not need to be replaced as often.

Sattler: “It’s a reduction in our utility bills, but it’s also a reduction in our labor costs.”

So even though many of these efforts are good for the climate …

Sattler: “… we don’t necessarily talk about the greenhouse gas emissions or climate change …”

… because the improvements are great for the bottom line.

Reporting credit: Elizabeth LoGiudice/ChavoBart Digital Media.