Sachamama Director Carlos Zegarra

Across the country, small groups of Latinos are gathering for climate training workshops.

Attendees learn about climate science and threats to their communities, such as extreme heat, flooding, and air pollution.

Zegarra: “Latinos care about this issue. Some polls have shown that for Latinos, the environment is second to immigration. That’s how much we care about it.”

That’s Carlos Zegarra, director of the nonprofit group Sachamama, which leads the trainings. He says despite Latino concern about climate change, environmental groups have often failed to connect with Latinos on the topic.

Zegarra: “It’s really related to opportunity, and what kind of opportunities we’re putting in the Latino communities for them to take actions. And that’s where we are kind of falling behind, we as a movement are not being effective enough, to put the actions forward for them to really get engaged in the conversations and get active.”

So at the trainings, attendees hear presentations from local climate action groups and find out how they can get involved.

Zegarra: “Every community that we talk to, we see that they’re really open to understanding this issue. They’re really open to get the information and getting the tools so they can get engaged.”

Reporting credit: Elizabeth Logiudice/ChavoBart Digital Media.

Samantha Harrington

Samantha Harrington, director of audience experience for Yale Climate Connections, is a journalist and graphic designer with a background in digital media and entrepreneurship. Sam is especially interested...