Emily Collins and smokestack images

Emily Collins used to believe global warming was an issue only liberals cared about. But after learning the science in a college course, she became convinced that conservatives should care about global warming, too.

So Collins, now a junior at Texas Christian University, joined an organization called Students for Carbon Dividends. The group is a national bipartisan coalition of students and student organizations that started earlier this year.

Collins liked the group’s focus on reducing carbon pollution by taxing it, and then distributing the revenue to all Americans.

Collins: “It combined the conservative aspect of free-market principles and reduced government regulation in addition to combatting climate change.”

This past summer, Collins worked for the organization. She organized campus events, directed a social media campaign, and recruited new groups to join the coalition and endorse the plan.

Collins: “I’m really excited about Students for Carbon Dividends and the change that we’re making right now and the positive impact we’ll have in the future. It’s something that’s actually feasible, too, that will yield real results, that will not only benefit the economy but also the environment as a whole.”

Reporting credit: Elizabeth Logiudice/ChavoBart Digital Media.