Central Park road with joggers and bicyclists

New York’s Central Park provides a refreshing break from Manhattan’s hustle and bustle. In this green oasis, people walk dogs, ride bikes, sunbathe, and kick soccer balls. But one thing they can no longer do in the park is drive.

Yamada: “This has been a long time coming.”

Chelsea Yamada is with the nonprofit Transportation Alternatives. For decades, the New York City group has advocated for car-free parks and safer streets for biking and walking.

Much of Central Park has been closed to cars for years. But the city has now banned them on all park roads.

Yamada says the ban helps build momentum for a growing city-wide movement to promote alternatives to driving, such as biking.

Yamada: “It’s a really great time to point people toward car-free solutions. Building special enclaves for people to feel safe and to explore mobility without the constant pressure of cars is a really great way to encourage new ridership.”

Yamada says that getting people out of their cars and onto bikes will reduce traffic congestion in the city.

And that will make for safer streets, cleaner air, and less carbon pollution in the Big Apple.

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media.

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