“Halfway to Jesus” lyric: “Float your boat down Main Street, your dinghy or canoe, save your neighbor and his dog, stranded on a roof.”

In 2015, catastrophic storms flooded parts of South Carolina. It’s singer-songwriter Dulcie Taylor’s home state. She was shocked to see images of people boating down streets where she once walked.

Taylor: “I kept hearing people call storms like that ‘thousand-year storms,’ just meaning it should be that rare.”

It made her think about just how long a thousand years is.

Taylor: “I thought, good grief, that’s halfway to Jesus.”

That inspired her to write a new song called “Halfway to Jesus.” It describes the extreme weather events growing more common with climate change. The song also encourages people to act.

Taylor: “I think music can reach a lot of people … sometimes, when just cold hard facts don’t.”

“Halfway to Jesus” lyric: “Well it ain’t like we haven’t been warned. Now we’re living through thousand-year storms. Looking back where does that leave us? Halfway to Jesus.”

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Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media.
Image source: Dulcie Taylor video.

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