Searching for information about climate change can turn up confusing or misleading material. So one group is helping teachers sort fact from fiction.

Moore: “They’re in this very mixed-message environment where they’re hearing a whole bunch of different things, and it’s really difficult to know what to think, to know what to do. And so we really felt like we couldn’t sit by.”

Alexandra Moore is with the Paleontological Research Institution, which last year published a book called The Teacher Friendly Guide to Climate Change. It covers the basic science of climate change, impacts in different regions, and solution strategies.

Now, the organization is raising funds to distribute the guide for free to as many teachers as possible. The campaign started after a group that dismisses climate science sent its own book to schools across the U.S.

Moore: “We were inspired to reach out to all the teachers in the country.”

Moore says the money raised so far is enough to send the book to about a quarter of the public high school science teachers in the U.S.

Moore: “We need to get out there and make sure that this message is heard, that our message is effective and we are really taking this information to the teachers and to the students who depend on them.”

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.

Sarah Kennedy

Sarah Kennedy is an editor and content producer with ChavoBart Digital Media (CBDM), a production firm with a focus on scientific and environmental media. Her work on Climate Connections includes developing...