Kids in the classroom
Photo: Courtesy of Kids Against Climate Change.

Jordyn: “I wrote on the website that kids should start planting trees.”

Nate: “I wrote that kids should use other forms of transportation instead of cars.”

Alek: “I wrote it is very important for people to turn off lights that they are not using.”

At Cottage Lane Elementary in New York State, 5th graders are contributing to a climate change website run by their teacher, Kottie Christie-Blick.

Christie-Blick: “The whole idea of the site was to get children talking to each other about climate change.”

At, students post drawings and videos about topics such as greenhouse gases, melting glaciers, and energy use. And on a discussion board, they share ideas about reducing global warming.

Christie-Blick says it’s important for kids to connect with other young people on this topic.

Christie-Blick: “When they go on the site and they see that there are hundreds of entries, it makes them feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves. Our vision for our little site is for it to go global. Because how wonderful would that be to have children from all over the world talking to each other about what’s happening locally in their area as our climates are changing, and then working together to help slow it down.”

Reporting credit: Christina Hoover Moorehead/ChavoBart Digital Media.

Sara Peach is the editor-in-chief of Yale Climate Connections. She is an environmental journalist whose work has appeared in National Geographic, Scientific American, Environmental Health News, Grist,...