You’ve heard of Great Big Story, right? And in the context of climate change?

Screenshot of icebergs from video
Image from “Operation Ice” video. Courtesy of Great Big Story.

Great Big Story describes itself as “a global media company devoted to cinematic storytelling.” The expansive scope of its interests is illustrated by the tabs on its home page – Human Condition, Frontiers, Planet Earth, Flavors, and Origins.

In other words, its story telling addresses issues ranging from A to Z, and planet-wide. Make that solar system-wide.

Founded in late 2015 by CNN but operating independently from headquarters in New York, Great Big Story posts videos that a company executive has described to Ad Week as “fundamentally optimistic, but not naïve or sunshine-y.”

The company’s videos deal with subjects perhaps appearing to some to be zany – Who Put the Hole in the Donut? And they deal also with myriad issues of interest to those fascinated by the challenges societies face in a changing climate – Operation Ice: Melting the Heart of Man. That’s just one example from a YouTube playlist of Great Big Story videos curated by Yale Climate Connections as part of a new collaboration.

Since the company launched in October 2015, its producers and story tellers have traveled to nearly 100 countries “to discover the untold, the overlooked, and the flat-out amazing” with stories designed to “engage and inspire tens of millions daily.” Great Big Story’s current catalog hosts nearly 2,000 original stories.

Start below with a playlist of Great Big Story videos addressing climate change … and go from there. Through its new content-sharing partnership, Yale Climate Connections will bring to its audiences outstanding programming from around the world relating to humanity’s changing climate and our individual and collective efforts to address the challenges and the opportunities those changes offer.