Sharon Delgado

Sharon Delgado is a retired United Methodist minister and activist who challenges Christians to reflect on how their faith relates to climate change.

In her new book, Love in a Time of Climate Change, Delgado uses scripture and religious teachings to explain why Christian ideals require action on global warming.

Delgado: “It’s not simply an issue of loving the earth and taking care of the earth, it’s also an issue of standing up and speaking out for justice for people who are on the front lines of climate change.”

She says that includes poor and vulnerable people who often bear the brunt of extreme weather, droughts, and pollution, as well as children and future generations.

Delgado: “Love of God and neighbor means that we have to honor creation and care for it, and we have to establish justice.”

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For Delgado, that means going beyond individual actions like recycling. She encourages Christians to become politically active and to speak out in support of climate-friendly laws and policies.

Delgado: “We’re facing a living hell on earth if we don’t turn things around – and that is going to require systemic change.”

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.

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