Image collage of Edwards as Mr. Eco

It’s a rapper … it’s an environmental activist … it’s Mr. Eco!

In elementary schools around the world, a green-caped superhero is using hip-hop to teach kids about environmental issues.

Mr. Eco’s ‘Oh So Solar’ lyric: “I’m oh so solar. Oh so solar. My roof look pretty and my school look pretty, we got solar all over the city.”

Mr. Eco was born when his mild-mannered alter-ego, Brett Edwards, was in college. Edwards was looking for a way to combine his love of hip-hop with his concerns about the environment.

Now, he has two albums, a popular YouTube channel, and has performed at hundreds of schools. He gets students and staff on their feet, singing, dancing, and having fun – but also learning how they can save energy, and reduce pollution and food waste.

Edwards: “I believe that monumental change begins with the youngest members of society.”

Just as he becomes Mr. Eco, Edwards hopes to show kids that they can be transformed by taking action on the things they care about.

Edwards: “I want to show kids that they can be heroes. They just have to believe in something and then act on that belief.”

Mr. Eco’s ‘Eco Hero Anthem’: “I’m a super hero – an eco hero.”

Reporting credit: Mark Knapp/ChavoBart Digital Media.
Image graphic: Created by David McCarthy. Photos: Courtesy of Brett Edwards.

Jan O'Brien was assistant editor and website manager at Yale Climate Connections from 2007-2022. She brought more than three decades of experience in environmental publishing and policy research and more...