Reynolds with Al Gore
Delaney Reynolds on MTV’s An Inconvenient Special with Al Gore.

At 18, Delaney Reynolds has already helped draft environmental policy, appeared on an MTV special with Al Gore, and introduced Hillary Clinton at a campaign event.

For the young environmental activist, climate change hits close to home. She lives in south Florida, and remembers standing knee-deep in water after seasonal high tide flooding in 2016.

Reynolds: “The entire street was flooded, and I just broke down into tears. This – or worse – could be my future. It could be my children’s future. And that’s not something that I want.”

So she’s doing her best to educate others about the risks south Florida faces from sea-level rise. She runs a nonprofit called “Sink or Swim”, which she started in tenth grade as part of a class project. It includes a website of educational resources, recent news about climate change, and a blog about her efforts.

Reynolds also gives presentations to school and community groups across south Florida, and is working on a young adult book about sea-level rise.

Through all of her work, she hopes to inspire and motivate others to take action.

Reynolds: “If we can come together as a nation, we can solve climate change.”

Reporting credit: Rosie Simon/ChavoBart Digital Media.
Photo: Courtesy of Delaney Reynolds.

Eileen Mignoni

Eileen Mignoni

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