Forest City concept photo
(Photo: Courtesy of Stefano Boeri)

The world’s first “forest city” is under construction in China. The plan calls for terraced buildings with almost a million plants and 40,000 trees … growing not just on the ground, but on balconies and rooftops. In the architectural designs, the buildings are so covered with greenery that they appear to blend into the mountainous background.

Called Liuzhou Forest City, the green building project is intended to help provide homes for China’s rapidly growing population without creating more carbon pollution.

The new city is expected to house 30,000 people. So the design includes a train station, hospital, schools, and commercial areas. Solar and geothermal energy will be key sources of power.

The concept and design come from the firm of Italian architect and urban planner, Stefano Boeri. He says trees absorb carbon pollution and provide shade that reduces the need for energy-guzzling air conditioners. So he says planting urban forests is critical to slowing global warming.

Boeri: “It’s one of the main ways to deal with climate change.”

The futuristic city will set an example for how cities can grow and reduce carbon pollution.

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