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For many people, climate change can feel distant and abstract. San Diego poet Scott T. Starbuck hopes his poems can help change that.

Starbuck: “I spend hours researching the science, and then I let my unconscious and intuition work in the metaphors and the images to try to carry that information to people in a way that will have meaning for them.”

In his new book, Hawk on Wire, several poems portray a world transformed by global warming, while others capture glimpses of nature that Starbuck hopes everyone can relate to and appreciate.

For example, he reads a short piece called “Punch Bowl Hike Meditation”:

Starbuck: “For 30 years I’ve talked to myself about climate change/ but now most everyone is/ When you think that long you feel for Nina in flower garden/ sparrow on fence.”

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Starbuck wants his readers to slow down, observe nature, and reflect on it. This, he believes, will inspire them to take action.

Starbuck: “Pay attention to birds and fish and trees. Listen to the natural world and then listen to your own heart.”

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media.
Image graphic: Created by David McCarthy (Hawk on Wire book cover and promo video screen capture).

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