Alice Giambalvo

While most ten-year-olds are playing sports or going to the movies, Alice Giambalvo is talking about climate change in schools and churches. She wants to educate people who do not believe in global warming.

Giambalvo: “Have you ever seen that strange gas and smoke that comes from the back of a car? Ever wonder where it goes? Let’s look at this way: would you light a campfire inside a tent? Of course not! You wouldn’t be able to breathe with all of the smoke! Well our planet is the same way. It gets stuck in the earth’s tent.”

She says people are often surprised by the evidence she shares. But she does not only present the science, she also talks about solutions. She advises grownups to choose renewable energy, and kids to do things like plant trees.

She not only presents the science, she also talks about solutions. Click To Tweet

Giambalvo: “It makes me feel super happy to know that people are wanting to help, and people are wanting a better future for all of us – a better future where the earth is protected, and we aren’t using nature’s resources as a never-ending supply.

By spreading the word about climate change and solutions, Alice Giambalvo is taking the future into her own hands.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.
Alice Giambalvo Photo: Courtesy of Nat Giambalvo.

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