As the climate warms and ocean temperatures rise, corals around the world are being stressed. It’s a process called “coral bleaching” and many of them are dying.

Chasing Coral poster

Orlowski: “Just last year alone, 22 percent of the Great Barrier Reef died, and even more died this year. We’ve been losing coral reefs all around the planet. Most people don’t know about it because they don’t see it.”

That’s film director Jeff Orlowski. He’s showing the world what’s happening in his latest documentary, Chasing Coral. He was inspired to make the film after seeing underwater photographs by Richard Vevers.

Orlowski: “The film follows Richard on this quest as he and his team are documenting coral bleaching around the planet. And then the story morphs and evolves and more people come onto the team, and it really is this epic adventure traveling around the planet trying to visit and document what’s happening to coral reefs.”

After more than three years of filming, Chasing Coral was recently released on Netflix. Orlowski hopes the film inspires viewers.

Orlowski: “We still have time to make a difference, and hopefully when people finish seeing the film, they will feel the same way … that we have this opportunity now. It’s not a huge window of time, but we do have an opportunity now to make a difference.”

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.

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