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Virginia and Peter Sargent grew up in the country. So they know how much farmers, hunters, and fishermen depend on the natural world. But while working for environmental non-profits, they were struck by how little they heard about rural America.

So early this spring, they left their jobs in Denver, moved into a van, and hit the road in search of some lesser-told stories about climate change.

Sargent: “We can strengthen the narrative around climate change by finding stories from the rural West about people fighting to keep their livelihoods intact as they face drought and decreased snow pack and severe wildfires and changing growing seasons.”

Across the western states, they’re talking to farmers who have lost crops and livestock in historic floods and storms, and emergency workers who are on the front lines of wildfire management. They’ll also profile tribal leaders, outdoor guides, and more.

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In many of these areas, climate change is not talked about much.

Sargent: “We want to find those messengers within their communities and hear their stories and share their stories – but also embolden them to raise their voices.”

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.
Image graphic: Created by David McCarthy.

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