Six-year-old Mars Engel Dixon may be the youngest climate-change activist in America.

Mars Engel Dixon
Mars Engel Dixon. (Photo courtesy of Marissa Engel Dixon)

Engel Dixon: “Well the atmosphere is the blanket actually and it traps all those greenhouse gases, methane, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.”

Kids today are growing up in a time when climate change is affecting their health and environment. Mars has been concerned about the issue since preschool.

Talking about problems like air pollution and habitat loss can be tough at any age. But instead of feeling frightened or powerless, Mars has chosen to share his concerns with his congressman and other kids.

Engel Dixon: “Hey, please can you listen to me, friend. You know, I really care about the environment.”

Once, to get his friends engaged, he gave away composting worms at his birthday party. Mars knows worms help improve soil so it can better store carbon.

Mars says he wants to be an engineer when he grows up so that he can invent new ways to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. But he’s just six years old, so he thinks that maybe fairies could help, too.

Imaginative? Yes. But multiplied in schools across the country, his can-do spirit spells new hope for the fight against climate change.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.

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